Baby Charm Blanket Creating Memories in the Classroom

Wee & Charming has been working with Roots of Empathy, a fantastic program that helps students develop empathy, form connections and be inclusive of others through classroom visits with a local family and their new baby. The Baby Charm Blanket is used by the teacher and facilitator to track the baby's milestones throughout the year, guide discussions and act as a visual reminder between visits.

Best Backyard Baby Toys

Best Backyard Baby Toys

While everyone is feeling cooped up and isolated right now, this is especially true for new parents with young babies. Having safe playtime outside is crucial to our well-being and this list features backyard toys that will help your baby develop motor skills and provide hours of fun.

Things to Consider before Baby's First Haircut

Some babies need haircuts in the first 6 months of life, others might be 3 years old before having their first haircut. This varies considerably from baby to baby but regardless of your baby's luxurious long locks or adorable bald head, there are some hormonal, developmental and safety issues to be aware of before bringing out the scissors for this special first milestone.