Baby's First Vacation: Part 1 - Flying!

To travel with baby or not to travel with baby? That is the question. Part 1 of this popular topic deals with flying and navigating the airports with your wee one. Gain helpful tips and advice from intrepid parents who decided to go on vacation with their new babies. These stories are sure to delight and horrify, and are well worth the read!

Baby's First Swim Milestone

Preparing for Baby's First Swim

Summer is here and with the warm weather parents are thinking more and more about getting their babies into water. Learn about why it's beneficial to introduce your wee one to swimming early and points to keep in mind when preparing for this special milestone.

baby milestones in first year

Get to know the full list of Wee Charm milestone ribbons that busy parents attach to the Baby Charm Blanket to record their baby's special first moments. With lots of mommy input, the comprehensive set of charms include 30 developmental and experiential milestones. Learn about age guidelines and tips to encourage your baby's success.