Baby Gifts & Keepsakes

Introducing the Baby Charm Blanket

The Baby Charm Blanket is a simple, unique way to record all of the milestones in your baby’s first year.
Collect and attach each Wee Charm to the Baby Charm Blanket calendar, marking those special moments forever.


This lovely blanket will now always be a cherished keepsake. With 30 Wee Charm milestones to choose from
the Baby Charm Blanket has got your baby covered. Say bye-bye to lengthy baby books you don’t have time to fill out,
the Baby Charm Blanket will record all these special milestones in seconds.

Simply pull apart the front and back material at the edge of the Baby Charm Blanket, line up the Wee Charm with the
blanket calendar using the hook & loop fastener, press the blanket edges securely closed
and feel proud of your incredible baby!

Mix and match the Wee Charms with your Baby Charm Blanket

Mix and Match with Wee & Charming