Daylight Saving Sleep Tips for Babies and Children

Daylight saving is just around the corner and we will soon get to relish in the longer days of sunshine. It can be hard though on parents when switching their kids to the new sleep schedule. With insight from a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, this post provides tips and advice on how to best transition your child and keep a consistent routine.

Christmas Baking for Baby

Christmas Baking for Baby

It's that time of year to get out your rolling pins, icing sugar and cookie cutters! Christmas baking is more than just the delicious treats, it's about being together as a family and creating cherished memories. Check out these healthy, low sugar recipes and start a new holiday tradition with your baby.

Baby Charm Blanket Creating Memories in the Classroom

Wee & Charming has been working with Roots of Empathy, a fantastic program that helps students develop empathy, form connections and be inclusive of others through classroom visits with a local family and their new baby. The Baby Charm Blanket is used by the teacher and facilitator to track the baby's milestones throughout the year, guide discussions and act as a visual reminder between visits.