The Benefits of Baby Massage

The Benefits of Baby Massage

Regular touch and proper massage technique for your baby has many physical and emotional benefits for both baby and mom. Our guest blogger this month from Mellow Baby discusses improved sleep, reduced crying and fussiness, the production of feel-good hormones, the enhanced bond, and much more that is experienced through baby massage.

Baby's First Babble and Language Development

After the initial coos and gurgles, babies typically start to babble between 3 to 5 months of age. Her communication development will start to include observing reactions and learning the rules of language and conversations. Discover the various developmental milestones to watch for and ways in which parents can help encourage babble and vocabulary growth.

Safety First as Baby Learns to Climb Stairs

The skill of climbing happens incrementally; learn about average developmental stages, how to teach proper technique to navigate staircases safely, and best baby gates for your little climber.